Report: Browns Called Eagles About Kevin Kolb

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will Kolb be an Eagle past the Week 6 trade deadline?

According to Anthony Gargano of 610-WIP, the Cleveland Browns placed a call to the Eagles last night about the availability of quarterback Kevin Kolb. With Kolb now relegated to the bench, it would make sense for a quarterback-needy team to make such an inquiry.

It makes even more sense when we look at the guys who are now making personnel decisions in Cleveland: former Eagles' general manager Tom Heckert and Andy Reid's former boss and mentor Mike Holmgren.

The two teams are natural trade partners, and Heckert just happens to be the guy who had a hand in drafting Kolb in the second round back in 2007. So, to say this is story is plausible would be just short of an understatement.

But, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it's not true.

Cabot tweeted that a league source has told her the rumor is untrue, and I'm certainly more inclined to buy what Cabot is selling over that blowhard Gargano.

There is, however, a good chance Kolb gets moved before the Week 6 trade deadline. Reid was asked about the possibility Kolb is playing elsewhere in Week 7, and had this to say:

"Listen, I can’t predict anything down that far. Nobody in this league can do that. That’s ridiculous. It’s very similar to the things that were reported about – and I tried to be very thorough about it – that there was nobody that influenced this call. This was my decision and the future, we will just have to see and we’ll cross that bridge when it comes."

It doesn't take that guy from "Lie to Me" to know what Reid is saying there. Basically, if the right offer comes along there's at least a shot that Kolb could get shipped out.

Reid did seem to cover his tracks when asked if he would listen to offers for Kolb when he said "No, I want Kevin Kolb on this football team."

It sounds like Reid is just going to keep talking Kolb up in an effort to up his trade value. It surely had to take a hit with his poor performance against the Green Bay Packers and his subsequent benching, but a little praise from a guy like Reid should go a long way in convincing the other teams around the league that they'd be getting a quality young quarterback.

Whether they are or not will be for them to find out on their own.

UPDATE: Sal Paolantonio is saying a team source has told him that the team has "had calls," but's Jeff McLane is reporting a team source has told him there is absolutely no truth "whatsoever" to the rumor.

So, right now, it's 2-2.

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