Quick Reactions From Week 3 Eagles-Jaguars Game

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Michael Vick show has exceeded expectations.

-- DeSean Jackson had his usual big plays, but it should be the three drops that everyone remembers. The first was on the very first drive -- on third down -- when he let the ball hit off his hands and end the Eagles' drive.

The second was when he curled up and dropped the ball because he was afraid of colliding with Brent Celek, and the third was a lazy attempt on the sideline.

I don't recall ever seeing this from Jackson, but he's playing scared right now. It cannot be allowed to continue even if it means benching him for a game the next time it happens. Not only will he wind up hurting the team, but he'll wind up hurting himself.

-- For the third consecutive week, Michael Vick looked great. He decision-making was sound and the passes, for the most part, were on point. He did have a couple balls that had everyone wondering what in the hell he was doing, but those were few and far between.

Four total touchdowns later (one rushing), Vick is showing that Andy Reid definitely made the right decision to stick with him. He now has the Eagles sitting atop the NFC East with a 2-1 record and the much-anticipated return of Donovan McNabb right around the corner.

-- Juqua Parker, Darryl Tapp, and Trent Cole were phenomenal. There isn't a whole lot more than can be asked of those guys. It's expected out of Cole, but Parker has been a terrific surprise and Tapp looks hellbent on never missing another game.

-- And what about Trevor Laws? Something clicked in this guy's head during the offseason because he is playing out of his mind right now. Even if he's not hitting the quarterback, he's taking double-teams and pushing them into the backfield. Right now, he's playing better than Mike Patterson and even notched his first career sack.

-- Is there any chance the Eagles' other second-round pick out of Notre Dame can have the same type of impact around Week 7 when he comes after the PUP? It's probably more likely he hits the streets.

-- Like it or not, Akeem Jordan has by far been the Eagles' best linebacker. Ernie Sims and Stewart Bradley have been non-existent and I actually notice them getting caught in the wash and taken out of the play more often than not. There's still time to turn things around, but neither of them is doing anything to breed confidence.

-- Outside of an injury, Nick Cole should not see the field again for the rest of the season. He is lazy, plays sloppy, has proven he's not a starter, and will get Vick killed if he's allowed to make one more start. Did anyone notice constant pressure up the middle once Reggie Wells made his way into the game? The answer is no, you didn't.

-- Nate Allen couldn't continue his interception streak, but he did notch his first career sack. Not a bad way to start your NFL career -- two interceptions and a sack in three games.

-- Ellis Hobbs played very well. He's even starting to undercut some routes and is clearly gaining confidence in his knowledge of the system.

-- The guy across from Hobbs, Asante something or other, came down with his first interception of the year after missing two or three in the first two weeks. Samuel has been impressive this season because he's playing more within the system and not gambling as much. His tackling has also been much better so far this season.

-- Sticking with the secondary, Quintin Mikell seems like he's really starting to hit his stride for the season. He's flying around and making plays, but still needs to buckle down more in coverage. He is peaking into the backfield too much and allowing guys to get behind him.

-- Jorrick Calvin should be the return man. Kicks or punts, he's the better option. He's shown a great burst and could be one of those guys that changes games with a big return or two throughout the course of a game. Jackson and Hobbs have been unimpressive overall, so why not give the rookie a shot?

-- Where has Jason Avant been all season?

-- Once again, LeSean McCoy averaged about five yards per carry, but only carried the ball 11 times all game long. With such a large lead, there is no excuse for McCoy not to have at least 15-20 carries or more.

-- Why is Mike Bell taking carries from McCoy? He's been a complete disappointment and that didn't end today. He had a long of nine yards, and finished with five carries for 14 yards. The math doesn't work in his favor.

-- Owen Schmitt is no Leonard Weaver, but he's done very well over the past two weeks. He's shown soft hands out of the backfield, and has been very good picking up the blitz. He's not going to be pushing Weaver for his job, but the Birds could have struck gold with Schmitt.

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