Quick Reactions From Eagles-Jets Preseason Game

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, September 02, 2010

Did a strong performance earn Fokou a roster spot?

-- Mike Kafka had a pretty noticeable regression. He was very erratic all night and was not making good reads. He's likely going to be the No. 2 quarterback next season, but for this year it's probably in his best interest that he's going to be doing nothing but carrying the clipboard.

-- Is there any way Kurt Coleman doesn't make the team now? Two fumble recoveries for two touchdowns tells me he's a playmaker the Birds would be fools to let loose.

-- Macho Harris, on the other hand, continues to look awful. He doesn't belong on this team and should most certainly get cut on Saturday. He's too slow to play corner but not tough enough to play free safety.

-- Mike Vick did a great job of moving around and keeping his eyes down field. He made a few very good throws and mixed in a couple runs for a very effective quarter of play. Andy Reid had said he might play the entire half, but Vick showed enough early and was able to take the bench and give Kafka some extra work.

-- Quintin Demps doesn't belong on the team either. He's made that obvious.

-- The rookie corner the Birds recently traded for, Jorrick Calvin, might have a play on the roster if Demps and Harris are both cut. He made a good play on defense when he stripped Santonio Holmes and had a couple good returns as well. He looks explosive and likely brings more to the table than Demps or Harris.

-- Unfortunately, Chad Hall wasn't able to do enough in his final showcase. He is most definitely gone by Saturday, but could find himself on the practice squad if the team decides they like him more than Jordan Norwood.

-- Pannel Egboh with a strip-sack was a pleasant surprise. He's another guy who could wind up on the practice squad.

-- Kelley Washington and Eldra Buckley are guys the Eagles cannot release. They're key special teams guys who will contribute more in the big picture than Hank Baskett or Martell Mallett.

-- Speaking of Buckley, showing the versatility to play fullback in a pinch could be something else that helps him stick around.

-- A personal favorite of mine, Tracy White, probably hasn't done enough during the preseason to make the team. I'm hoping, however, that what he did last season combined with the few plays he has made is enough to convince the team he belongs. They've ignored special teams for far too long.

-- Cornelius Ingram will likely find himself on the chopping block as well. It's a damn shame because he's got a lot of talent and could make an impact if he could stay healthy, but a series of bad luck injuries seem have ended his Eagles career.

-- Fourth-round pick Clay Harbor will be a guy to watch. He could be another Brent Celek in the making.

-- Moise Fokou played like a guy who understood his job was on the line. But after that performance, I think he's safe. He played well at linebacker and with his hand on the ground at defensive end, and that versatility is something Reid looks for.

-- Coleman gets two touchdowns, so he gets two mentions. He could turn into an incredible steal out of the seventh round.

-- No one is talking about it, but Sav Rocca is quietly having a fantastic preseason. He hasn't seemed to have any of those occasional shanks we've grown accustomed to seeing, and might finally be hitting his stride. If he can stay this consistent during the regular season, he could be a real weapon.

-- David Akers missed his first field goal attempt of the preseason. Oh well.

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