Eagles Sign Owen Schmitt to Replace Leonard Weaver

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, September 13, 2010

Schmitt will be given the task of replacing Weaver.

As everyone feared, Leonard Weaver is done for the season. Head coach Andy Reid labeled it a "severe" ACL injury and wouldn't say one way or another if the injury is career threatening.

"Well, they’re going to have to get in there and see exactly [what is wrong with it]," Reid told the media at a Monday press conference. "That’s why I just labeled it as I did. I think we all saw it, it wasn’t a pretty picture. So, from ACL standpoints it was severe. They won’t know the further damage, if any, until they get in there. But obviously, just from the look of things, it was severe."

Naturally the next step is to find a replacement. I figured they would simply do it in-house and rotate Eldra Buckley and Clay Harbor, but the team has announced they will sign former Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt to replace Weaver who is headed to the IR.

Schmitt, you might remember, is the guy who bashed his own head in with his helmet during a pregame introduction last season.

The team also brought in Jason Davis for a workout, but his previous time with the team (2006-2007) clearly wasn't enough to beat out Schmitt. It's unclear how much time Schmitt will see on offense since he'll have less than a week to learn the playbook, but he could play special teams right away.

The other open roster spot, which will be opened up once Jamaal Jackson is officially placed on IR, will be filled by practice squad tight end Garrett Mills. Offensive lineman Fenuki Topou, who was drafted by the Eagles in the fifth round in 2009 and spent Training Camp with the team this season, will be signed to the practice squad to take Mills' spot.

UPDATE: Weaver and Jackson have officially been placed on IR, and Mills is going to assume an H-back type of role.

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