Eagles Trade LB Joe Mays to Broncos for Running Back

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, July 30, 2010

Joe Mays is headed for the Mile High city of Denver.

Say what you will about the personnel moves and what not, but there is truly never a dull moment with this team.

The Eagles announced late Friday night that they've traded linebacker Joe Mays to the Denver Broncos for running back J.J. Arrington, or a conditional 2012 draft pick. What that likely means is if the Birds were to cut Arrington before the regular season, they'll get the pick instead.

But now, let me comment on the personnel move (and what not). I don't understand it. Sure, getting anything for a guy they would have likely released in a month or so is a good thing, but why trade for Arrington when they've already got three guys battling it out for the third spot?

Unless, of course, this is a way of putting Charles Scott, Eldra Buckley, and Martell Mallett on notice. But is there really any way the Eagles envision cutting all three guys?

Buckley is a guy the team likes on special teams, Mallett is a prime candidate for the practice squad, and Scott is a sixth-round pick who's showing an ability to quickly pick up the offense and appears hellbent on proving he's not a one-dimensional short-yardage guy.

Arrington, as he's shown throughout his career, is just a guy. He has decent hands out of the backfield, is an average blocker, and can contribute on special teams, but is that enough for the Birds to consider cutting loose two rookies and a guy they know in Buckley?

Like I said, I don't understand this. There had to be someone else Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and Howie Roseman could have squeezed out of the Broncos. Perhaps a corner or safety who could come in and make a push at a position much more shaky than running back.

But, even a late-round pick for Mays is a win, I suppose. That's where they drafted him, so three years later it's a wash and they can move on with the young linebackers they drafted this offseason in Keenan Clayton and Jamar Chaney.

UPDATE: We've learned the conditional pick in 2012 would be a sixth-round pick.

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