Foot Specialist Thinks Todd Herremans Will Be Fine

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, June 04, 2010

Todd Herremans' foot doesn't appear to be an issue.

In an attempt to stir up some readers during the NFL's down-time, Eagles writers have been making a big deal about Todd Herremans' recent foot injury (which was really nothing more than soreness in the same foot he had surgically repaired last offseason) and the fact that he went to Charlotte to see a specialist.

Geoff Mosher, Jeff McLane, or one of the other know-nothing writers wrote an entire article on it with every sort of dooms-day scenario he could think of, but in the end, as is usually the case, it was all just a lot of hot air.

The specialist, Dr. Robert Anderson, has apparently told Herremans he believes his foot will be fine. Herremans didn't seem too worried about it anyway, tweeting away during his visit to North Carolina about everything except his foot.

Andy Reid and the rest of the offensive staff will likely take it easy on Herremans during OTA's and simply use this as an opportunity to see what they have in guys like Mike McGlynn, Fenuki Topou, and give the lighter-thanks-to-lap-band Max Jean-Gilles a few more reps.

Herremans is expected back shortly, although it's likely he won't see any real action until July when training camp kicks off.

In other Eagles news, seventh-round pick Kurt Coleman, a safety out of Ohio State, has agreed to a four-year contract worth about the same as the deal Charles Scott signed the other day. Coleman, like Scott, is going to have to prove his worth on special teams if he wants to even see year one of that deal.

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