Eagles Sign Third-Round Pick, Cut Undrafted Rookie

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, June 17, 2010

Te'o-Nesheim could see time at 3 different positions.

Yesterday, the Eagles announced the signing of former Washington defensive end and third-round draft choice Daniel Te'o-Nesheim to, as usual, a four-year deal.

Te'o-Nesheim played in every game of his college career at defensive end, and even holds the school record for career sacks with 30. With the Eagles, however, Te'o-Nesheim will likely see most of his playing time at defensive tackle in the nickel and obvious passing situations.

In other words, he is the new Darren Howard, but with more size and bulk. The added mass should allow him to be even more effective as a pass-rusher from the inside than Howard, but it remains to be seen whether or not Te'o-Nesheim will be able to run around NFL tackles.

But the good news for Te'o-Nesheim meant bad news for someone else as a roster spot would have to be cleared (unsigned rookies don't count toward the roster total, but once they sign on they're officially recognized as a member of the team).

That bad news came for former Arizona cornerback -- and undrafted rookie free agent -- Devin Ross.

Ross was the focus of a lot of "sleeper" talks, but clearly he didn't do enough to warrant keeping him around any longer. And with the lack of depth the Eagles are facing at cornerback, they must be saying something about what he did -- or didn't do -- during OTAs.

The Eagles still have three unsigned rookies -- Riley Cooper, Nate Allen, and Brandon Graham -- so someone else will have to get the boot in order for all of those guys to come on board. There's no word as to who that unlikely person might be, but odds are good it will be another undrafted rookie sent packing.

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