Juqua Parker Not Likely to Remain an Eagle

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, April 26, 2010

Parker may have played his final game as an Eagle.

With the Eagles drafting three defensive ends in last week's draft, it appears as though they're gearing up to replace the old man of the defensive line: Juqua Parker.

Not only does Parker's age (32) not fit in with the younger crowd the Eagles are bringing in, but he appears to be overpaid for a rotational player. Parker is set to make $3.4 million in 2010 -- a number worthy of a starter, but not a guy who figures to see 10-15 snaps per game.

At the moment, Parker is still penciled in as the starter, but with Brandon Graham and Darryl Tapp coming into town, he's going to be at a huge disadvantage. The Eagles front office and coaching staff want to see the job go to the young guys, so that's likely where it will end up.

Even losing his starting spot might not be enough to get Parker cut, but then comes that numbers game we hear about every offseason.

Usually, the Eagles will keep 10 defensive linemen -- any combination of defensive ends and tackles. Currently, the Birds have four defensive tackles that are all-but guaranteed to make the final roster in Brodrick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, Antonio Dixon, and Trevor Laws.

It's possible Laws gets the axe, but it's unlikely considering he was a second-round pick only two years ago.

So, for those mathematically-challenged (such as myself), that's four defensive linemen already.

Then, at defensive end, there is Trent Cole, Victor Abiamiri, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Ricky Sapp, Tapp, and Graham. Again, for the mathematically-challeged, that's six.

So, altogether, without Parker, that's 10 defensive linemen right there. I do believe that Sapp will eventually be moved to SAM linebacker, and it's possible that Abiamiri is a surprise cut, but it's more likely that Parker is the odd man out in this scenario.

Then when we figure in the fact that, due to a defense-heavy draft, the Eagles could be carrying more defensive players than ever before, the number to defensive lineman the Eagles keep could potentially drop to eight or nine.

Parker still has a lot to offer a team, but it's not likely to be the Eagles any longer.

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