Eagles, Jeff Garcia Coming Together for a Third Stint?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, April 12, 2010

Garcia is certainly a fan-favorite here in Philadelphia.

According to multiple sources out of Philadelphia, the Eagles are courting 40-year old quarterback Jeff Garcia. The idea is for Garcia to come back as the emergency third quarterback while playing mentor to Kevin Kolb, but it might not be a role he's willing to take.

There's talk that, despite his age, Garcia believes he can be a starter and will only accept a backup role if nothing is offered.

Garcia's intent on becoming a starter once again was proven by his willingness to join the Oakland Raiders last season. He believed he would get an opportunity to challenge JaMarcus Russell, but asked for his release when it became evident that was not the case.

Garcia would obviously not be afforded the opportunity to compete with Kolb, so convincing him to sign on might not be as easy as it would seem. He's a guy who plays quarterback with the intensity of a middle linebacker, so it's no surprise that he's so hellbent on being a starter.

But that's not going to stop the Eagles from giving it their best shot. According to MyFoxPhilly.com, the Eagles' brass (I'm assuming Andy Reid and Howie Roseman and perhaps Joe Banner) spent an hour with Garcia recently in an attempt to add him as an insurance policy.

Michael Vick is currently the only backup to Kolb, but Reid hasn't shown enough faith in Vick to think he'd feel comfortable starting him for a few weeks were something to happen to Kolb.

Right now, Vick is a Wildcat quarterback and a guy who can run gadget plays. At least, that's how the Eagles view him.

If things don't work out with Garcia, it wouldn't surprise me if the Birds showed an interest in a guy like Todd Collins or Daunte Culpepper, depending on what kind of ego he still has intact.

They will make a move with a veteran quarterback this offseason in order to help and have some insurance for Kolb, but with the Eagles there is no telling who they could bring in or how long he's been out of football.

Perhaps Kelly Holcomb is looking for a glorious return.

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