Eagles Desperately Trying to Replace Sav Rocca

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocca is basically playing on borrowed time in Philly.

Sav Rocca continues to break records as the Eagles' punter, but that's more a testament to the lack of talent at the position throughout the team's history than it is to Rocca's play. Outside of Sean Landeta, the Eagles haven't exactly had notable punters like, say, the Oakland Raiders.

And now, after a shaky 2009 season, the Eagles are trying as hard as they can to see to it that Rocca loses his job.

Durant Brooks, a former sixth-round pick, was signed a few months ago, and now that Birds have brought back Ken Parrish, a K/P who was brought in during last season's training camp, but cut before camp broke.

If I recall correctly, Parrish was the guy who had to be let go in order to make room for another tight end once it became clear Cornelius Ingram would be unavailable for the season. So it was a numbers game for Parrish more than it was an indictment of his talents, or lack thereof.

Watching Parrish day in and day out at training camp, I felt as though he had a real chance to push Rocca for his spot. He didn't show the leg that Rocca had -- to be fair, very few do -- but his consistency was much better and he had the added benefit of being able to kick off and kick field goals were something to happen to David Akers.

Rocca is playing on a one-year deal after being a restricted free agent (tendered at the lowest level), and the Eagles appear ready to move on. However, they can't simply let him go without being sure they've got an upgrade ready to step in.

They feel comfortable (enough) with Rocca heading into this season, but it looks like they're hoping one of these young guys will perform well enough to take the spot. If not, I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a punter in the later rounds of the draft next season.

I'd say they'd go out and sign a veteran, but Andy Reid apparently has a bet with Jeff Lurie that he can put together an entire team younger than 30 years old. You're close Andy, don't give up now.

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