What Does Tapp Trade Mean for Victor Abiamiri?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Could the Tapp trade mean the end for Abiamiri?

One second-round disappointment seems to have surpassed another second-round disappointment before he even touches to field for his new team.

Darryl Tapp, for whom the Eagles traded Tuesday evening, is a second-round pick who has not lived up to his second-round billing. But the word around town is that he will immediately step in front of Victor Abiamiri, a guy who's been even more disappointing for the Eagles than Tapp was for the Seahawks.

The fact that Abiamiri isn't even in the discussion as a possible solution across from Trent Cole shows you what the fans think of him, but trading a fourth-round pick for a guy far from worth it shows what the organization thinks about him.

Clearly the Eagles have thrown out all expectations for Abiamiri and now view any progress he makes as a bonus. The last two seasons he's been expected to come in and push Parker for the starting job, but untimely injuries prevented that from happening.

He's now an afterthought around the city and on the team, and could find himself on the way out if he's unable to make a contribution in 2010.

I've already said 2010 is a make-or-break season for Abiamiri, but all this move does is make things worse for the young defensive end. And once the Eagles draft a defensive end, things will only get worse for Abiamiri, who could wind up being a surprise training camp cut if he were to once again injure himself.

The Eagles already have Cole, Parker, Tapp, Darren Howard, and will soon have a rookie on the roster as well. The Birds carried six defensive ends in '09, so they could do it again in 2010, but Abiamiri will still have to prove that he's worthy of that sixth spot.

Simply being a high pick won't help Abiamiri anymore. Bryan Smith was a third-round pick, but Reid had no trouble cutting him loose once it became clear he wasn't going to contribute.

Smith is now out of the league, and Abiamiri might be on his way out of Philly.

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