Saints' Running Back Mike Bell to Visit Eagles Tuesday

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, March 15, 2010

Could Mike Bell be the answer behind LeSean McCoy?

With an obvious need for a backup to running back LeSean McCoy, the Eagles will bring in Saints' restricted free agent Mike Bell. The Saints opted to only put a "right of first refusal" tender on Bell, which means they're not going to fight very hard to keep him.

Bell isn't exactly a superstar, and may not even be all that much better than Eldra Buckley, but this is certainly a move that can't hurt. At the very least, Bell would add depth were something to happen to McCoy because, unlike Buckley, Bell has some starting experience.

He played well for the Saints in '09, but seemed to wear down as the season went on and is clearly nothing more than a five-to-eight carries-per-game type of guy. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield, but hasn't been given the chance to do it over the past three years.

Losing his starting spot in Denver and playing with Reggie Bush in New Orleans is going to limit those opportunities, but the Eagles must believe he can do it if they're bringing him in for a visit.

Justin Fargas has also visited, but left without a contract and isn't expected to sign.

If Bell doesn't sign on, or if the Saints decide to match the Eagles' offer (assuming there is one), it's likely that the Birds would simply wait until about the fourth round and draft someone they feel is NFL-ready.

Bell has 1,376 yards on 348 attempts (4YPA) and 14 touchdowns in only 37 games played.

If something is going to happen with Bell, it's going to happen either tomorrow or Wednesday, so make sure to stay tuned.

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