Andy Reid: Eagles Entertaining Offers for All Three QBs

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reid says he's "keeping (his) ears open" for offers.

Andy Reid was uncharacteristically candid when he sat down to speak with the media at the NFL's annual owner's meeting in Orlando, saying that the team is in fact listening to offers for all three quarterbacks.

"I'm listening (to offers) out there," Reid told the media during the NFC's media day. "I'm not saying I'm doing anything. But we're keeping our ears open."

Reid was also asked how interested he was in any of the offers, to which he responded that he's not "jump(ing) up and down" about any of the offers, but that there is a significant amount of interest for Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and Michael Vick.

It's a bit odd to hear Reid be so forthcoming, but it's not exactly surprising that he's listening to offers. My firm belief is still that he does not want to move McNabb, but that he would if given the right offer. His main focus is probably on finding a trade partner willing to take Vick off his hands and then figure out his quarterback log-jam from there.

He is still making it clear, however, that he is not opposed to heading into 2010 with all three quarterbacks on the roster and describes it as "very fortunate" and has even said that having three starting-caliber quarterbacks is "every coach's dream."

Most believe that Vick is the likeliest to be moved, then McNabb, and that Kolb is absolutely untouchable. I don't think anyone is untouchable, but Reid does seem to love Kolb and would like to keep him around.

Either way, there is a decision to be made very soon. If not this offseason, the Eagles will have to decide definitively one way or the other because all three of these guys will become free agents once the 2010 season is wrapped up.

It might not be in the next few weeks, but a decision will be made before the season begins. It's all just a matter of getting the right offer, at this point.

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