Rams Have Offer On the Table for Donovan McNabb?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Would McNabb really sign an extension in St. Louis?

According to the great prophet Jeff McLane, the Rams have an offer on the table to acquire quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Per McLane, the offer is the 33rd overall pick (the first selection in the second round) and free safety O.J. Atogwe for McNabb. McLane also says that a source close to McNabb tells him that the quarterback would be willing to sign a contract extension with the Rams -- likely where he would finish his career were this deal to go through.

McLane adds that McNabb would not, however, be willing to sign a contract extension with the Buffalo Bills or Oakland Raiders, were he to be traded to either team, because the franchises are in such poor shape.

But if he thinks those teams are poor and not a place where he can win a Super Bowl, why in the world would he believe that St. Louis can get the job done before his body gives out on him?

At this point, the Raiders and Bills are far and away better than the Rams. The Rams, outside of Stephen Jackson, have absolutely no talent. The Bills and Raiders aren't exactly contenders either, but they've got a lot more talent than what is being put together in St. Louis.

They've not made any improvements in the offseason and, even with McNabb, are no more than a five-win team in 2010 -- and won't be more than that any time soon.

Apart from the fact that the first pick in the second round and Atogwe is a lot less than what the Eagles are asking for McNabb (they want at least a first-round pick), I don't believe McNabb would actually sign an extension with the Rams.

He wants to win a Super Bowl before he hangs it up, and simply reuniting with his former quarterbacks coach, Pat Shurmur, wouldn't be enough for him to deal with losing for the rest of his career. Then again, I've never believed that McNabb would become a Ram.

I didn't believe it then, and I don't believe it now.

UPDATE(1): ProFootballTalk.com is reporting that a source within the Rams have told them that there is "zero truth" to this rumor. Expect this to be completely ignored by the ignorant Philly media that wants McNabb gone.

UPDATE(2): According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Dispatch, Rams GM Billy Devaney called the rumor "absolutely false."

UPDATE(3): Another Rams source added:
"They may have a trade offer, but not from us. Why would we trade for McNabb and then go watch Bradford throw on Monday (at Bradford's Pro Day)?"

UPDATE(4): Atogwe currently cannot be traded anyway as he has not signed his restricted free agent tender. He can sign it at any time, but he's currently not under contract and therefore cannot be included in any trade.

UPDATE(5): Jason La Canfora just backed up the reports that there is no truth to this rumor according to his own sources. He says that there are three or four teams pursuing him heavily, but that the Rams are not one of them.

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