McNabb's Agent Doesn't Believe Trade Is Imminent

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, March 26, 2010

Will McNabb have a new offensive coordinator in 2010?

Speaking to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Donovan McNabb's agent Fletcher Smith said that he does not believe a trade is imminent and that, among other things, he believes Andy Reid's "we're listening to offers" comment is being blown way out of proportion.

The media blowing something out of proportion? When has that ever happened, especially when talking about Donovan McNabb?


Smith also said that there has not been any talks, contrary to an ESPN report, between McNabb and Reid regarding which teams McNabb would not be willing to play with, and which teams he would prefer as a landing spot.

Smith also seemed to brush aside all these talks of a trade by saying, "There's always something, every offseason." That comment sounds like the words of a man who is already sick of having to deal with rumors in which he clearly doesn't put any stock.

He also said that he hopes "given the sensitivity of the situation" the Eagles would at least ask McNabb where he would like to go, if they do in fact plan on trading him.

"Donovan has been there a long time," Smith said. "I would think they would want to do right by him, reach out, tell him what their intentions are."

The best part of this mini interview, however, had to be when Bowen asked Smith if he believed McNabb could still be effective as the Eagles quarterback if he heads into a contract year surrounded by all the trade talks.

"It can't be any more difficult than T.O.," Smith said.

Good call, Mr. Smith.

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