Eagles Trade Reggie Brown to Bucs for Conditional 6th

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, March 08, 2010

Remember when Brown was the future in Philly?

In a move that's been expected for a couple years, the Eagles have moved wide receiver Reggie Brown. He will join the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay for a 2011 conditional sixth round draft pick.

It's about what I expected the Birds to get for Brown, but a pick in this year's draft would have been a whole lot more helpful. Whether they drafted someone in the sixth or used it to move up, it's a whole lot more useful to them to have it this season.

However, Andy Reid and company must expect Brown to reach the milestones that will turn the pick into a fourth or fifth rather than a sixth.

But like everyone said after the Birds cut Hank Baskett and traded Brandon Gibson, the depth at wide receiver is all but gone. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Jason Avant are all locked up, but after them the Eagles have the never-reliable Kevin Curtis -- and that's it.

They have a couple receivers on the practice squad, and Baskett is floating around in free agency again, but they really have backed themselves into a corner with their receiver depth.

I expect them to either go out and pick up a veteran in free agency, or take a flier on someone like they did with Gibson in the sixth last year.

Hopefully they don't just turn around and immediately trade him, just to cut the player they traded for.

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