Eagles Should Offer Tender to Cornerback Ellis Hobbs

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, March 01, 2010

Expect Ellis Hobbs to return to Philadelphia in 2010.

After spending two fifth round picks to bring him to Philadelphia, the Eagles, in my humble opinion, don't have an option but to at least make an effort to keep Ellis Hobbs.

All they would have to do is offer him the lowest tender, pay him a couple million, and would receive a third round pick (based on where he was drafted) if another team were to try and sign him.

Hobbs is a good corner, but after coming off a season in which he didn't start and got injured in the latter portion of the season, no team is going to give up a third round pick for him.

It's win-win for the Eagles. They get to keep a guy who has started in this league for what amounts to peanuts in the NFL and stand to gain a third round pick if a team were desperate enough to target Hobbs.

Not only does Hobbs give the Birds excellent depth in the secondary, but he's also an effective kick returner. He's not a guy who's a threat to take it the distance every time he touches it, but he's not going to pull a Macho Harris and fumble at the absolute worst time.

Andy Reid and company clearly doesn't trust Quintin Demps anymore, they shouldn't trust Harris, and Jeremy Maclin has shown that he's too afraid of contact to ever return kicks in this league.

Hobbs has three kick returns for touchdowns in his career and will average anywhere between 24 and 28 yards per return -- not spectacular, but it's certainly solid enough to warrant keeping him around.

He's also got nine interceptions, 41 passes defended, 2.5 sacks, one forced fumble, five fumble recoveries, and a touchdown in his five-year career on defense.

Reid loves having guys who can not only contribute on offense or defense, but also pitch in on special teams, so keeping Hobbs around just makes too much sense to ignore.

He instantly becomes, by far, the best dime corner in the league with the skill set to step in were Sheldon Brown or, more likely, Asante Samuel were to go down.

Cheap and effective is exactly what this franchise looks for, and taking into account the two picks that were given up to acquire him, I'd be very surprised if the Birds let Hobbs walk.

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