Eagles Schedule Visit With DB Marlin Jackson

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, March 08, 2010

Signing Jackson could solve two very big problems.

In an effort to bolster a weak passing defense, the Eagles have set up a visit with former Colts' defensive back Marlin Jackson. It's unknown whether the Birds are looking to him to make the move to free safety, or if they want to keep him at cornerback.

Jackson is scheduled to be in Philadelphia on Tuesday, but will meet with the Baltimore Ravens on Monday. If the Ravens don't sign him on the spot, he'll make the trip north to Philadelphia.

The Eagles definitely need some help in the secondary as Ellis Hobbs in the only real backup on the outside if Sheldon Brown or Asante Samuel were to go down. Joselio Hanson is best suited for the nickel and has shown he's not all the reliable playing the close to the sidelines.

Jackson has, however, started six games for the Colts at free safety and has even played a little strong safety. He's 6'0 and just under 200 pounds, so he's a bit undersized as a free safety, but the Birds are looking for someone who can play center field, and that might be Jackson.

Personally, I'd like them to use the opportunity of bringing in a starting-caliber cornerback to move Brown to free safety. He's exactly what any team would want in a safety in that he can not only cover receivers, but he can pop them if they come across the middle and has shown that he can play the ball.

Whether or not he'd go for it or whether or not the Eagles are interested in asking him to make the move is a different story, but it simply makes too much sense to ignore.

Bringing in a guy like Jackson, or perhaps Leigh Bodden, gives the Birds a guy in Brown who I believe would immediately become an All-Pro. He's exactly what they want for Sean McDermott's defense, and he's beginning to slow down a little on the outside.

Move him inside, play to his strengths, and hide some of his weaknesses.

Jackson is only 26 years old, is in the prime of his career, and is more than capable or playing across from Samuel, especially with a guy like Brown behind him to make up for any mistakes he may make.

Hopefully the Eagles, and Brown, are open to the move because it would allow them to fill two needs with one signing and also let them focus on more pressing issues -- like figuring out who is going to provide a pass-rush opposite Trent Cole.

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