Eagles Officially Announce Tenders Applied to RFAs

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sav Rocca is essentially an unrestricted free agent.

Apparently my assessment of the Eagles-Leonard Weaver contract talks was off. I assumed, quite confidently, that the Eagles would resign Weaver based on what Weaver's agent, Harold Lewis, had been saying throughout the week.

However, it looks like he will now play the 2010 season on a second-round tender.

News of talks had gone quiet, so it was assumed that the two sides were close to getting a deal done, but it must have meant quite the opposite. The two sides could still come together in the next few hours, but it's not looking likely now that he's been tendered.

I guess I should learn to stick to my gut instinct.

I surfed Twitter earlier and was relaying the reports of who was being tendered and at what level, and it looks like a few were off.

There were some mixed reports about Ellis Hobbs specifically, with some saying he'd receive an original-round tender and others saying he'd receive a second-round tender.

Well, as it turns out, it was neither.

Hobbs received a whopping first-round tender from the Eagles, which shows that the Birds really want to keep Hobbs around and are making sure that he doesn't go anywhere. There may have been a team or two out there who would have taken a shot at Hobbs for a third-round pick, but no one will give up a first round pick for a guy who played in the dime last season.

Here's the full list of the restricted free agents and how they were tendered via PhiladelphiaEagles.com:
  • WR Jason Avant - Second-round level
  • FB Leonard Weaver - Second-round level
  • CB Ellis Hobbs - First-round level
  • LB Chris Gocong - Original-round level (third round)
  • LB Omar Gaither - Original-round level (fifth round)
  • OL Nick Cole - Second-round level
  • G Max Jean-Gilles - Original-round level (fourth round)
  • LB Akeem Jordan - Second-round level
  • P Sav Rocca - Right of First Refusal (no draft pick compensation)
  • TE Alex Smith - Did not receive tender, will become unrestricted free agent
I thought Sav Rocca would receive a second-round tender -- I would have thought he would have gotten an original-round level tender, but since he was an undrafted free agent, that wouldn't make much sense -- but apparently the Eagles aren't real worried about him leaving.

Now, all they are able to do is match any offer he receives. But if Rocca walks, they won't receive any compensation.

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