Eagles Not Actively Shopping Donovan McNabb

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Andy, your line is: "You're our guy, sign this extension."

There is a huge difference between actively shopping a player -- making calls to other teams and including him in trade offers for other players -- and simply taking calls. The Eagles are doing the latter, but somehow there's now a perception that the Eagles are attempting to move McNabb.

If you listened to ESPN, the local Philly radio stations, Philly.com or wherever else, you would think that Andy Reid has tied up McNabb, thrown him in a bag and is flying around the country just begging someone to take him.

That's not what's happening, and that's not what Reid said to begin with. He said they are listening when an offer comes in, just like every team in the league does.

Just because they're not immediately hanging up when someone says "McNabb" doesn't mean they're in a rush to get rid of him.

I'm sure several teams have called the Colts over the years about Peyton Manning, and the Patriots about Tom Brady, and I'm sure they've listened to the offer. That doesn't mean there's any real shot they take it, but teams would be foolish not to listen.

Again, that's all Reid said he's doing. He's listening to offers when they come in.

This all started with the bogus report that McNabb was headed to St. Louis, and now it has snowballed into the national and local media actually believing that the Eagles are dying to move McNabb.

But, as is always the case, they go unchecked and are allowed to just ramble incessantly with nothing to back what they're claiming.

And let's also not forget that Reid also said he's listening to offers for backups Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. Why is that he said the exact same thing about the other two quarterbacks, but everyone is convinced the only guy that will move is McNabb?

Did I just miss the part where he actually said he was planning on giving Kolb a life-long contract and was refusing to take any offer for him? Maybe it just didn't happen here in the Land of Reality.

Be careful what you wish for, Philadelphia.

I'm not exactly sure why everyone is ready to move on from 216 touchdowns to only 100 interceptions, five NFC Championship games, one Super Bowl appearance, and six Pro Bowls to a guy with two starts, four touchdowns, seven interceptions, and has lovingly been referred to as the "Houston Horror."

Cinderella was right. Philly just won't know what it's got until it's gone.

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