Donovan McNabb Will Not Become a St. Louis Ram

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, March 04, 2010

The talks of McNabb to St. Louis are 100 percent false.

All this talk of Donovan McNabb to St. Louis is ridiculous. seems to be the main culprit behind these rumors, and like most rumors they back it up with absolutely nothing.

No sources, no inside scoop, not even so much as a logical explanation as to why it would make sense. Not only that, but they're completely ignoring multiple reports that the Rams haven't even called the Eagles about any of their quarterbacks at this point.

The reality is that the move doesn't make sense for any of the three parties involved. McNabb is 33 years old and wants to win a ring -- he won't do that in St. Louis and everyone knows it. The Rams are in an obvious rebuilding mode, so why would they even want a quarterback McNabb's age?

And why would the Eagles move a quarterback of McNabb's caliber for the first pick in the second round? It's far below what McNabb is worth, and the Eagles would be foolish to even think about it.

The first pick in the second round (33rd overall) sounds like a good pick, but when you consider the fact that there's only about 20-25 players given a "first round grade" every year, anything past that essentially becomes a second round pick because the talent level no longer justifies the slotting of the pick.

If a team wants McNabb, it's going to have to not only be a first round pick, but a mid-level first round pick.

This is really just playing devil's advocate on my part since I don't believe that the Eagles are really looking to trade McNabb anyway, but they're certainly not going to trade him just for the sake of trading him.

If Big Red isn't blown off his chair by the offer, McNabb stays put.

The only teams McNabb would consider signing an extension with anyway are the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings. Those are the only two teams with a realistic shot at the playoffs and the Super Bowl every season, and also need a quarterback.

Arizona would also make sense for McNabb because that's where he lives.

But the Eagles aren't ever going to allow that to happen. They're not going to give someone in their own conference the means to knock them off in the playoffs with their own quarterback.

So what we've learned (and really already knew but just like to ignore) is that McNabb will only sign with a good team, but the Eagles won't trade him to a good team. They want to trade him to a rebuilding team, but McNabb won't sign with a rebuilding team.

Or, in other words, McNabb isn't going anywhere.

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