Stacy Andrews Says He's Open to "Minor Restructuring"

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Eagles will most likely accept Andrews' offer.

In light of the report that the Eagles would cut Stacy Andrews if he was unwilling to re-work his contract (which I doubt is the case), he told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he would be would "do a minor restructuring" of his contract.

"They want to do an adjustment and we're willing," Andrews told the Inquirer over the phone. "Hopefully, we can come to an agreement."

Andrews did make sure to point out, however, that he "wouldn't mess with the roster bonus."

Which leads me back to my original conclusion: Stacy Andrews is not going anywhere. The biggest problem the Eagles would have is that huge roster bonus ($4.1 million), not his modest base salary of just under $3 million.

And yes, I understand reworking the base salary could level things out, but "minor restructuring" means he'd be willing to, at most, lop $1 million off that number. That's even a bit of a stretch as he's got absolutely no incentive to re-work his deal.

If the Birds cut him, he cashes in big in free agency due to the very thin market, or, and more likely, the Birds simply keep him at his current cap number and hope that he plays up to it.

They knew this could be an issue when the signed him, so it's not like they were blindsided when he wasn't 100 percent.

Andrews did say, however, that the knee "didn't hinder" his play and instead it just "took a while to get comfortable at guard and get a new system down."

But as I said before, he was behind on learning the system because he was unable to dive in and learn the intricacies of the offense. Reid doesn't exactly run a simple offense, and it's nearly impossible to learn from the sideline or in the training room. He would have had to be out on the field at practice running it repeatedly, and the knee injury just didn't allow that.

So while the Birds may take him up on his offer, I still don't believe it will be, or ever was, a case of "do it, or else."

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