Expect Dwayne Wright to Make the Eagles' 2010 Roster

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't be surprised if this guy is on the roster in 2010.

A few weeks ago, the Eagles signed fullback/running back Dwayne Wright to a two-year deal. Most fans, including myself, had absolutely no idea who this guy was. I was surprised to find out that he was actually a fourth round pick of the Buffalo Bills back in 2007, meaning he's going into his fourth year in the league.

He hasn't played a whole lot in his short career, carrying the ball 29 times for 94 yards, but he insists it's more a result of being in the wrong situation that it is a lack of talent or effort.

"It wasn't because of lack of effort; I'll tell you that right now, because I'm one of the hardest-working guys you'll ever come across. A lot of people can vouch for that," Wright said. "... I think the biggest thing you can expect in Philly, you can expect a guy that's going to come in, that's going to give you great special teams and work hard at it.

I'm a great running back, I'm a great tailback, I'm a great fullback ... I know what it takes to win and I know what it takes to compete, so I think that's the biggest thing that you will get from Dwayne Wright."

That's the kind of thing you want to hear from a football player. In this game, you've got to be confident in your abilities on the field and unafraid to let everyone know about it.

Very rarely do we talk about a guy making the roster or playing on special teams because he's familiar with the system, but that's the case with Wright and new special teams coordinator Bobby April.

April was the special teams coordinator in Buffalo when Wright was there, so he's coming in with a leg up on everyone else vying for a spot. He knows exactly what April is looking for, exactly where he wants everyone, and could really make an immediate impact while everyone else is trying to catch up.

Wright was originally drafted as a running back, but at 5'11 and 235 pounds, the Eagles have him officially labeled as a fullback. It's the first time in his career, so it will be a learning experience for him. But with Leonard Weaver at fullback, the Eagles fully expect to use him on special teams, and probably signed him with April's blessing.

The Eagles don't have many special teams aces, but if Eldra Buckley and Tracy White can make the team in that role, than so can Wright, and I fully expect him to do so.

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