Eagles Taking No Risk Keeping Shawn Andrews Around

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Eagles could use a healthy "Big Kid" in 2010.

While talking with Garry Cobb on G. Cobb in the House over at VoiceAmericaSports.com, Shawn Andrews became a passing topic. Cobb said that keeping Andrews presents no real risk for the Eagles because he's getting paid so little, but has so much potential.

I'd have to say I'm in agreement. Andrews is only getting paid around $2 million, so he's not breaking the bank if he winds up not being able to play. However, if he is able to finally get back on the field, he's a mauling Pro Bowl-caliber guard or tackle.

Basically, when you look at the risk-reward of keeping him on the roster, the potential reward so heavily outweighs the potential negatives that it wouldn't make sense to simply cut him loose the way a lot of Eagles fans would like.

No one really knows if he'll ever see the field again after two back surgeries, but it's worth keeping him around to find out. The back is obviously something that guys aren't going to play around with because as much as we want to see him on the field, he would like to be able to walk once his career is officially over.

He seems to have finally beaten his bout with depression, which should help him focus solely on his back to get ready for 2010.

If he can strengthen it and feel comfortable enough with it to get some reps in during offseason workouts, it could give him the confidence he needs to forget about his back pain and get back on the field.

At a certain point, injuries will take a mental toll on a guy, and I wonder if maybe that's what is happening to Andrews at this point.

It may be more about convincing himself that his back will hold up, rather than the actual pain his back may or may not really be causing him.

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