Brian Westbrook to Rejoin Brad Childress in Minnesota?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Could Westbrook be running with the Vikings in '10?

Almost immediately after Brian Westbrook's release from the Eagles, the rumors started swirling as to which teams are interested, who's not, how much it will take to get him, how he will be used, and everything else.

But to me, the most likely landing spot would be the Minnesota Vikings with his former offensive coordinator, Brad Childress.

Childress is obviously now the head coach in Minnesota, and the Vikings will be looking for a change-of-pace back behind Adrian Peterson. Chester Taylor is almost guaranteed to be elsewhere next season, so running back will be a focus for the Vikings.

The only question is whether Childress would be interested in his former running back, or if he'll be looking to get younger through the draft.

It would make sense that Childress would be interested in Westbrook because not only does he know him personally and has a player, but Westbrook fits a specific need. The Vikings don't just need a backup running back, they need a guy who can catch the ball out of the backfield and pass protect on third down.

Westbrook may be the best pass-catching running back since Roger Craig, and is known throughout the league for his pass blocking.

Not only that, but Westbrook might be able to help Peterson with his fumbling problems.

"Not a single running back in NFL history has more yards from scrimmage (9,785) with fewer fumbles than Brian Westbrook (12). And Westbrook's rate of one fumble every 144 touches is the best mark by a running back in NFL history (minimum 1,500 touches)," writes fellow blogger Bryn Swartz.

A one-year deal with a low base salary laced with incentives could get Westbrook to Minnesota, but without at least a two-year deal, he could just retire.

He has said that he's afraid of the lasting effects of concussions on players, and if he's not going to make all that much money, he could just hang it up.

He most certainly wants a ring, however, so while that's a possibility, I would say the chances are very low.

Teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, and New Orleans Saints could emerge as dark horses, but good money says Westbrook follows his former coach, the place where he fits best, and where he has the best chance of winning a Super Bowl, and Minnesota fits all those needs.

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