Tom Heckert Expected to Join the Cleveland Browns

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, January 08, 2010

Heckert would be a good addition for the Browns.

Tom Heckert, the Eagles' current General Manager, may be on the move as early as next week as it appears he's set to accept an offer from the Cleveland Browns to become their General Manager.

It appears to be a lateral move on the surface, but Heckert would most likely have much more of an impact with Mike Holmgren in Cleveland than he does with Andy Reid in Philadelphia. Reid, like Holmgren now in Cleveland, has the final say on all roster moves. However, unlike Holmgren, it's believed that Reid is dictator-like in his role.

It's believed that while he does listen to the input of guys like Heckert and his probable replacement as GM, current VP of Player Personnel Howie Roseman, Reid will go with his instincts over the opinion of his brain trust every time.

Holmgren, on the other hand, is beleived to be taking more of a shared-responsibility approach. Perhaps it's a way to take the negative light off of himself if the Browns once again fall flat in 2010, but no matter what the reason, having more input is an attractive option for Heckert.

Add that to the rumors that Holmgren will dismiss Eric Mangini next season and return to the sidelines for the Browns and you have a case where Heckert will only have to wait one season before becoming the guy in Cleveland -- an option that has obviously peaked his interest.

As we've said, it would be shocking for anyone but Roseman to step into the role of GM, which with Reid is really more of a title than it is an actual job. With a guy like Reid running the show, Roseman would be, as Heckert is now, more of an advisor to Reid in his personnel moves.

The move is expected to go down sometime next week with Roseman's promotion coming at the same time. Expect the Eagles to then fill Roseman's vacancy in-house.

It's not a huge move for the Eagles, but if the Browns bring in as many guys from as many winning franchises as they can, they just might be able to build off the Browns' late-season push and turn it into some hope for Cleveland.

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