Kevin Kolb Will Be Resigned or Traded This Offseason

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, January 01, 2010

Kolb could be used as trade bait; or resigned in 2010.

Adam Caplan recently reiterated what I've been saying since last year, and that is backup quarterback Kevin Kolb will either be resigned as McNabb's backup, or will be traded. However, in order to be traded it will take a fairly high offer similar to what the Atlanta Falcons received for Matt Schaub.

With many teams desperate for quarterback help, a second-round pick and a conditional late-round pick are not out of the question. Teams like Washington, St. Louis, Seattle, Carolina, and Buffalo might be willing to take a chance on Kolb as a quarterback of the future.

Even teams like Oakland, Minnesota, or Cleveland could show some interest depending upon how much faith the Raiders have in JaMarcus Russell, how much faith the Browns have in Brady Quinn, and whether or not Brett Favre will return for a 20th season. If he does not, Minnesota would make sense given the relationship between Andy Reid and Brad Childress.

Personally, I'd be surprised to see Kolb go. Reid really likes him as the guy if something were to happen to McNabb, and with Vick more than likely being traded, it makes Kolb moving that much more improbable.

Getting rid of both of your backups in one offseason would mean a huge instability at what some people call the second-most important position on a roster: the backup quarterback.

However, if the right offer comes across Reid's desk, he will jump on it. McNabb will be the starter, so if Reid can get a couple of picks for Kolb he may be more than happy to go out and grab a veteran backup for a year before drafting a guy.

Perhaps Kelly Holcomb or Jeff Blake are still looking for a job?

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