Jeremiah Trotter Needs to Set the Tone for Defense

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, January 07, 2010

Let's see if Trotter has at least one more run in him.

Last Sunday, against the Cowboys in the regular season finale, it didn't look like anyone on the field wanted to play. Given what was riding on the game -- No. 2 seed, first-round bye, division crown, and a chance to beat the Cowboys -- it was incredibly disheartening to see an Eagles team play so flat and uninspired.

The offense couldn't move the ball without messing something up along the way, the defense seemed to lay down and the special teams wasn't so special.

However, there was at least one guy who came to play -- Jeremiah Trotter, the Axe Man.

Trott was roaming the middle of the defense and flying around like a mad-man all game long. He looked like he was 25 again and was that same guy running around wildly out of position but always making the play.

He laid some punishing hits on the 'Boys offensive players, too. At one point a lineman got in his way of making a tackle, so he just lowered his shoulder, knocked him over, and made the play laying down. Another time he flew in from nowhere and laid a smack on Marion Barber that I'm sure he was feeling the next morning.

Unfortunately, his day was overshadowed by the beating that the other 21 starters on either side of the ball allowed the Cowboys to put on Philly. The Axe Man was out trying to do his best, but not even a superhero could have saved that game.

The point is that it's going to be on Trotter to get this defense on the right track early. If he can make a play behind the line and bring down the axe, it just may set the tone for this defense and prevent another drubbing.

Trott isn't the player he used to be, but he still plays with the same fire and passion that he had going back to his days at Stephen F. Austin. If he can rub a little bit of that off on the other 10 guys, the Birds just might pull this one out.

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