Eagles Officially Name Howie Roseman as GM

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, January 29, 2010

Everyone knew it would be Roseman from day one.

The Eagles officially filled the General Manager position today with former VP of Player Personnel Howie Roseman. The spot became vacant after Tom Heckert jumped ship to Cleveland a couple of weeks ago.

Roseman is going into his 11th season with the Eagles after holding several different positions within the front office and became the obvious choice to replace Heckert. The Eagles have received some criticism for the hire because Roseman does not have a football background. He is a graduate of Fordham Law School and before his time with the Eagles was not involved with football.

However, that doesn't mean he's not now capable of evaluating talent. Spending time working with guys like Andy Reid and Tom Heckert should have him ready to go out and be able to spot a good football player.

Let's hope he can, considering he's the only Eagle out at the Senior Bowl. Reid didn't make the trip for unknown reasons.

We all knew that Roseman would eventually get the job. It really was only a matter of time, so I'm left to wonder whatever happened with the Eagles and their compliance (or non-compliance) with the Rooney Rule.

I contacted the Fritz Pollard Alliance (the watchdog group that makes sure the rule is follow), but have heard nothing back. I guess unless you're Mike Florio from PFT.com or ESPN, they don't find it important enough to answer back.

Either way, since no one else is making a fuss about it, I'm assuming that the Eagles did interview a minority candidate for the position before deciding to hire Roseman and are in full compliance with the Rooney Rule.

And don't get me wrong, this is purely out of curiosity and not something like one man's mission to see that the rule is carried out. I think the rule is nonsense and is more insulting to minorities than it is helpful.

Honestly, would you want to get interviewed for a position knowing the man doing the interview has already made up his mind and most likely sees you as nothing more than a burden? Perhaps I'm just a proud man, but I would certainly not take part in such a sham.

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