Eagles Hire Bobby April as Special Teams Coordinator

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ted Daisher was fired after an unimpressive first year.

In somewhat of a surprising move, the Eagles have decided to part ways with Ted Daisher as special teams coordinator after only one season. During Daisher's one season, David Akers and DeSean Jackson became All-Pros, but the inconsistencies and miscommunication elsewhere has led to Daisher's departure from the team.

In his place, the Eagles have hired Bobby April. April was Buffalo's special teams coordinator last season and is widely regarded as the best special teams coordinator in the league. He hasn't had a whole lot of flashy returners, but his coverage units are consistently the best in the league.

April's name had been tossed around a lot in connection with teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Redskins. The Eagles kept Daisher on board in case they couldn't persuade April, but with April coming on board Daisher became expendable.

April will have the immediate duties of molding a kick returner and improving the coverage units. April will also most likely have a say in whether or not Sav Rocca is replaced after a wildly inconsistent 2009 season.

The Eagles have not been able to find a successful coordinator for the special teams ever since Jon Harbaugh first moved to secondary coach, then off to Baltimore. Since then the Eagles have had Rory Segrest and Daisher, both with little success.

In addition, the Eagles also parted ways with their strength and conditioning coach, as well as his assistant. The reasoning behind those moves is unknown at this point.

Don't expect there to be any more major changes in the staff, but there could be some minor but very interesting moves made within the staff in the coming weeks.

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