Eagles Facing a Make-Or-Break 2010: Quintin Demps

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 is a make-or-break season for Quintin Demps.

Coming into the league as a fourth-round pick out of UTEP, no one expected that Quintin Demps would be charged with the daunting task of replacing a Hall of Fame safety, and Philadelphia legend, Brian Dawkins -- even though it appeared he may have the raw talent to give it a shot.

Now, it appears, no one really expects him to actually do it.

After playing in spot duty during his rookie season as a third safety or a dime corner, Demps was slated to take over at the free safety spot after Dawkins was allowed to leave Philly via free agency.

However, it became evident very quickly that Demps, for one reason or another, was not ready to take over for the first legend Philly had built since Rocky.

I had the privilege of attending training camp and seeing how he would handle his first offseason as a starter first-hand, and it wasn't something that bred confidence. He was about as vocal as a a leader should be, and when they were just in shorts he seemed to be able to stick with the receivers and looked good.

But there was just something about him and his play that caused me to question whether or not he was actually ready to step in and contribute to this defense. I just could not, for the life of me, put my finger on it.

Then the team put the pads on, and it came to me. He just does not want to hit anyone. That was all it was. Plain and simple. Bottom line.

It showed during the season and he was relegated to backup duty and special teams. Then he tweaked his ankle and missed a couple games due to injury. But once he was healthy, he still found himself inactive, even though the team was in desperate need of a kick returner.

Making him inactive, even while healthy, was a sign that Andy Reid and the rest of the coaching staff had grown tired of his scared, dog-between-his-legs style of football and wouldn't have him on the field just in time to mess something up.

It started in the NFC Championship game of 2008 with his bonehead personal foul calls and his blown coverage of Larry Fitzgerald on the Cardinals' double-pass -- a play that had absolutely no business working in the NFL -- and has snowballed into a player worthy only of a backup spot.

If he can't regain his position as this team's kick returner, and at least show that he's capable of being this team's third safety, he will be shown the door after the 2010 season.

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