Eagles Facing a Make-Or-Break 2010: Trevor Laws

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 is a make-or-break season for Trevor Laws.

The Eagles drafted Trevor Laws in the second round back in 2008 with the hopes that he could be a good addition to an already-impressive defensive tackle tandem in Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley, and maybe even push one of them for some starting snaps.

It goes without saying that it has not happened yet. In fact, Laws seemingly took steps backwards in his second season and was a non-factor all season long. He didn't have any meaningful stats and was even a healthy scratch for the last month of so of the season.

Laws was -- unbelievably -- taken two spots before the Eagles' young superstar DeSean Jackson, but he hasn't even been able to replicate Jacksons snaps or games played, much less his production.

His rookie season seemed promising as Laws was getting more and more snaps as the season went on. He would come in and relieve either Patterson or Bunkley, and because he's a quicker tackle, was even helping get a pass-rush up the middle outside of the Eagles' nickel package.

He seemed to be progressively getting better and better, but there were no big plays to speak of or anything to really make him stand out. However, there wasn't anything like that for Bunkley in his rookie season either, so there was no reason to panic.

But this offseason, I saw him working out day after day with the trainers off to the side with the walking wounded. He was injured for a good portion of training camp, and though he seemed to be moving well enough as far as I could see, day after day he was missing more and more practices.

Missing practice could have been the reason for his lack of production, or it could have been a lingering injury, but either way he wasn't nearly productive enough for the Eagles and is now facing a crossroads in his career.

Next year will be his third season, and if he doesn't produce, the Eagles could let him walk once his rookie contract is up. In order to avoid that, Laws is going to have to show that he has the power and quickness to make an impact and get a pass-rush up the middle. That's why he was drafted, and if he can't do it, he will be shown the door.

Andy Reid hasn't had much success with second round picks over the years (Matt McCoy, Barry Gardener, Quinton Caver, Victor Abiamiri, etc.), so seeing Laws fail to make an impact wouldn't exactly be a surprise, though it would be a disappointment.

Laws certainly has the talent to produce at this level, so as long as he stays healthy and is able to participate in training camp this season, my personal belief is that Laws will produce the way they expect him to, and that he will make an already-impressive defensive tackle tandem in Patterson and Bunkley even better.

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