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Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, January 16, 2010

2 Minutes to Midnight Green was started in the middle of March in 2009. I started 2M2MG.com because I was sick and tired of reading the same nonsense from the mainstream Philly sports media regarding our beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

Most of the main sports figures in Philadelphia are simply out to rally the troops and push forward their own ignorant opinions and agendas. Most of these guys have never stepped foot on a football field and have no idea what goes on with team interaction, the relationship between a coach and player, and have a very limited idea of the mechanics of the game.

I have been playing football since I was six years old. I was a starter on the offensive line all the way through high school, earning All-Star honors in the county and section during my senior season in 2007.

As a team, my class was the most successful class (by far) at my high school's history. In fact, until my class became seniors, the high school I attended (Northern Lebanon High School in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania) had not had a winning since since 1994.

In my senior season, not only did my class have a winning season, but we were the first class to make it to the playoffs since 1991.

After graduating from high school, I was accepted into Kutztown University, a Pennsylvania Division II state school. I was recruited to play football, but because of the recruiting coach leaving right before I arrived at the University and some other circumstances, I did not play for Kutztown and instead now play semi-pro football in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I have also coached the offensive line for youth football.

It is my hope that 2minutestomidnightgreen.com will become a key voice for the Eagles and Eagles fans everywhere. I hope that 2M2MG will become the go-to source for informed Eagles' news and analysis from someone who knows and understands football, rather than a journalist attempting to cover a sport he/she does not fully understand.

Since beginning the site in March of '09, my work has been featured on FOXsports.com, CBSsports.com, USAToday.com, ESPN.com, and I am also a contributing writer at GCobb.com, the site of former Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Garry Cobb.

My work was also featured on SportsCenter's "Blog Buzz" segment in early September of 2009.

Contributing Staff:

Chris Klinker - Writer

Chris began contributing to 2M2MG before the 2009 season. He ran the successful and respected blog bleedeaglesgreen.com. However, due to time constraints, decided it would be easier to simply contribute to a blog, and we're glad he chose 2M2MG.

As a contributing writer he has been a huge piece of this site, bringing a different, but well-informed and articulate, angle to the Eagles other than my own. We may not always agree, but he's a writer whom I can respectfully disagree, rather than wanting to throw down with him like the others in the Philly media.

Chris is also a contributor to GCobb.com and is a recognized name among Eagles fans for their Eagles news and analysis.

Derek Peiffer - Graphic Design/Writer

Derek is our go-to guy for any graphic or banner you see on this site. He's the guy who makes the site look good and helps with our credibility.

He will also contribute here and there with his own opinions on the Eagles.

To learn more about us, become a contributor to 2M2MG.com, or contact me directly with a question, complaint, or concern, please feel free to email me at 2minutestomidnightgreen (at ) gmail (dot) com.

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