Kevin Curtis Could See First Action Since Week Two

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, December 12, 2009

Curtis would be just another weapon for the Eagles.

The injury-raddled wide receiver has been out of commission since Week Two, and whether he knows it or not, has drawn the ire of many Philly fans. Outside of an overrated 2007 season, he's been largely ineffective during his time as an Eagle and many are calling it a miss by Andy Reid.

Andy Reid misses on a wide receiver? Really? You don't say?

All obvious sarcasm aside, it appears as though there's about a 50-50 shot of Curtis actually getting onto the field when the Eagles head to the Meadowlands. Reid has already said that Curtis will travel with the team, but that could just be an insurance policy if DeSean Jackson (concussion) or Jeremy Maclin (foot) were to have setbacks.

He's officially listed as questionable, but being listed as questionable this late in the week usually means very questionable and borderline doubtful. Curtis hasn't exactly earned a reputation as a tough player, so it's safe to assume that we wont see No. 80 this week.

He should, however, be ready to go next week when the Eagles head out west to take on the Niners.

Outside of just having the depth and experience, his loss hasn't been substantial. At this point, he's most likely the fourth receiver behind Jackson, Maclin, and Jason Avant, and may even get tossed behind Reggie Brown in the rotation if his speed is diminished in any way.

It would be great to have him back for either the Giants or Niners game, but at this point having him is just a plus, whereas not having him isn't really hurting this offense.

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