Westbrook Ruled Out for Sunday's Game at Chicago

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Westbrook is already out for Sunday at Chicago.

After suffering his second concussion in only three weeks, the Eagles are being very, very cautious with their star running back, Brian Westbrook. Reid has continuously said that Westbrook's health is their primary concern, and now he's proven it by ruling Westbrook out for Sunday's game.

Even when healthy, Westbrook has not been very impressive this season and has lost some carries to the rookie LeSean McCoy and newcomer fullback Leonard Weaver.

With only 381 total yards, and two total touchdowns, Westbrook's production has been worse than what it was even last season. The concussions and other knee/ankle problems, along with his age, have taken their toll and we may never see the old Westbrook again.

The whispers around the city are that Reid could very well shut Westbrook down for the entire season, opening the door for perhaps a veteran running back to enter the mix. However, the odds are better than Reid would use the roster spot on the defensive side of the ball for a unit that has been decimated by injuries this season.

With LeSean McCoy, Eldra Buckley, Leonard Weaver, and newcomer P.J. Hill all on the roster, odds are good that Reid will be content with his backfield. Considering that he hasn't used them a whole lot this season anyway.

Expect a decision to made on Westbrook sometime early next week, most likely Monday or Tuesday, giving the Eagles enough time to bring in another player if need be.

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