DeSean Jackson Has a Concussion

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jackson missing time could be costly for the Eagles.

At this point, there's no news regarding how serious it is, but Andy Reid has told the local media outlets after the game that DeSean Jackson has a concussion. He left in the third quarter after having his bell rung by London Fletcher on a crossing pattern.

The team doctors kept looking at DeSean's eyes and talking to him, probably to see if he was responsive and remembered what happened. He did lay down on the field, but he didn't seem to lose consciousness and walked off the field on his own power.

It would appear -- and I'm not a doctor -- that even though it is a concussion, it's not as serious as Brian Westbrook's or even Kurt Warner's from last week. However, with the new spotlight on concussions, it would not be surprising to see D-Jack get held out of next week's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Even as a more optimistic breed of Eagles fan, I don't like the Eagles' chances against a good Falcons team if Jackson has to miss the game next week. Jeremy Maclin has been playing well, and Jason Avant may have some of the best hands in the league, but it's Jackson who opens up the lanes for both of those guys.

Without him there to attract the attention of the defense, the remaining Eagles receivers could have real issues getting open for Donovan McNabb.

Then there's the issue of depth at receiver. Right now, the Eagles have only four healthy receivers, including Jackson, so if Jackson were to miss time they'd have to call up one of the rookies on their practice squad.

Either Jordan Norwood (5'11 179) out of Penn State, or Dobson Collins (6'2 178) out of Garder-Webb would see their first real playing time in the NFL in a must-win game for the Eagles to stay in the divisional race.

Here's to hoping Jackson doesn't miss any time.

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