Chargers Score Touchdowns, Eagles Kick Field Goals

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now is the perfect time to use Vick in the Wildcat.

With the score 14-6 at halftime, the Eagles are in great position to get blown out of the water.

Yes, it's only an eight point game, but the Eagles cannot close the deal in the redzone and now twice have had to settle for field goals. They have given the Chargers all of the momentum and all the confidence that they can stop the Eagles whenever they want.

DeSean Jackson now has two drops and an ankle injury, Jeremy Maclin still doesn't want to get hit returning kicks, and Westbrook couldn't find a cutback lane with a chaperon and a chauffeur.

Add all that onto the fact that Reid's playcalling is atrocious, the line can't run-block, and the linebackers all look confused and you've got the makings of an awful second half.

Sean McDermott is playing scared at this point by just sitting back and playing coverage. He's afraid to get beat at this point, and if JJ was still around he'd be losing his mind. This defense is about pressure and attacking and at this point they're doing neither.

If Reid doesn't start running the ball more often and getting this line to run more effectively we're going to see a complete offensive implosion, which will then be followed by a complete defensive implosion.

But running the ball isn't going to happen, which everyone knows, including Howie Long on FOX's halftime show.

"What is it about the Eagles going to the West Coast? They just refuse to run the ball on the West Coast," said Long.

Amen, Howie. Amen.

Prepare yourselves Eagles fans, this could get very, very ugly.

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