Eagles Agree to Terms with FB Leonard Weaver

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, March 20, 2009
Contrary to earlier reports, the Eagles were apparently not out of the race for former Seahawks FB Leonard Weaver.

The Eagles have agreed to a one-year deal with the 26-year-old fullback.

Terms of the deal have not been immediately disclosed.

The signing should be made official soon, if not already.

I'm guessing that the deal is somewhere in the area of $2 million, or possibly $1.5 million with some incentive weaved in there (forgive the pun).

So what does this exactly mean for the Eagles?

It means they FINALLY have a real fullback in front of Westbrook and behind McNabb.

Since Reid came to Philly he hasn't put much stock into the fullback position, using it as mainly a special teams spot while playing about 25 percent of the offensive snaps throughout the year.

We've seen guys such as Cecil Martin, Jon Ritchie, Josh Perry (who oddly enough was traded to Seattle a couple of years ago), and most recently the experiment of Dan Klecko.

Now this is in no way meant to offend Klecko, the man gave a valiant effort, but he's not a fullback.

He's a defensive tackle, and a good one at that.

Through the three games in which he actually played his natural position, he led the team with 2.5 sacks.

2.5 sacks from Klecko in the first three games? Unreal. I may be off by one or two but as far as I know, the guy who Dan Snyder gave $100 million, Albert Haynesworth, had 7 or 8 for the entire year.

Just some perspective.

Now, this signing probably means Klecko goes back to a number between 50-79 and "DT" next to his name, but what does it mean for Kyle Eckel?

Eckel showed some talent last year at the fullback and running back positions; When given the chance, that is.

He's a fiery guy who plays with a lot of emotion and a guy who I would like to see on this team's roster in 2009.

Hopefully he can get a few short-yardage carries and contribute on special teams.

But back to Weaver, this could be one of the most underrated pick-ups for the Eagles, or any team this year.

Look back to 2008, how many wins would the Eagles have had if they would have had a real fullback?

I can think of at least two. The first Giants game and the Bears game come to mind immediately.

All we needed was to make that final 4th & 1 against the Giants, and odds are we win that game. Granted that's just a prediction, but with the rest of the game in the rear view, I'm guessing we pull that out.

Then the Bears game is the most obvious. I can still see it now.

Buck leaping, nothing, then pushing and pushing... but coming up literally inches short.

With Weaver leading the way, I believe those games turn to wins and even leaving in the Cincinatti debacle, that's 11-4-1 for the season.

Big difference.

Weaver should receive a warm welcome from Philly fans, I know I'd give him a hug.

Here's to no longer cringing on 3rd & 1.

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