Eagles Are in the Lead for Tony G

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For all of you pessimistic Eagles' fans, it would appear as the Joe Banner may be keeping his word and trading for a player we all want.

Unfortunately, that player is not Anquan Boldin. In fact, he's not a wide receiver at all.

Well, kinda.

Don Banks of SI.com is reporting that the Eagles and Atlanta Falcons are in the running for Tony Gonzalez. He claims in his report that the Eagles have expressed their willingness to part ways with a third-round pick for the 33-year old tight end.

The report does not say what the Falcons have offered, but I'm assuming only a fourth if the Eagles are in the lead. Nothing else makes sense, considering the Chiefs and Eagles actually play one another this year. So, that's not it.

The change at GM evidently has done nothing to cheapen the price tag for Gonzalez as the Chiefs are still asking for a second-round pick.

The Chiefs are worried about the backlash if the fan base perceives the deal as a bargain for the other team, whether it be the Eagles or Falcons, so it may cause them to stand strong in their demands for a second-round pick. Which, by the way, is not going to happen.

While Gonzalez is no doubt a first-ballot Hall of Fame guy, he is 33 years old and not worth a second round pick to the rest of the league.

Personally if I'm the Eagles, I'm doing it. I would haggle them right down to the last second, but if they refuse to budge I would give them what they want.

I understand 33 is the tail-end of a player's career, but what he can do for your team right away and maybe for another two to three years is priceless. Especially for a team like the Eagles or Falcons who are starved for a dominating tight end.

For the Eagles, it's perfect. They like Brent Celek (as they should) but don't believe he's a viable starter at this point in his career. So, start Tony G. for about two years while allowing Celek to get some snaps and learn.

What do you think Celek could do with a teacher like Tony Gonzalez? That alone is an exciting thought.

The thought is that if the Falcons lose out on Gonzalez that they will attempt to draft TE Bradon Pettigrew in this weekend's draft.

So, Philly Nation, it looks like if the Eagles can get Scott Pioli to budge on the third-round pick, we'll have the tight end we all crave.

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